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“There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in”

Leonard Cohen

Joey Vriend is a 30 year old singer-songwriter. With his unique deep-dark voice he amazes his audiences with compositions resembling the atmosphere of, among others, Nick Drake and Leonard Cohen.
At age seventeen Joey discovered the magic of fingerpicking the guitar, the sounds of the piano and the fragile sound of the mouth-organ. Soon after that he started composing, arranging and performing his own material.

Joey loves diving into the past, in search of great memories. Past times and nature are magic to him; something intangible. Inspired by nature he writes beautiful melancholic and nostalgic songs.

Joey grew up nearby the old VOC City of Hoorn in The Netherlands. This is where he met the producers Jeroen Tenty and Eric Lensink of the MI5 recording studios. A unique collaboration arose that lasts until today.
Through the years Joey often travelled to Medieval Ghent in Belgium to write with poet and lyricist Andy Cartwright. In a perfectionistic endeavour Joey and Andy constantly search for the ultimate description of emotions. “Emotion” being the key word that totally depicts Joey; always searching for melancholy and hope! Not afraid of hidden emotions that get unleashed by his own and other artists music.

Listening to artists like Leonard Cohen, Nick Drake and Hans Zimmer taught Joey persistence, self-confidence and resilience. This strong power of music also manifests itself in Joey’s work as music-counsellor for psychiatric patients and youngsters with serious behavioural problems. Work experiences that offer him a broader view on life.
As from April 2020 Joey Vriend is signed to the independent record label King Forward Records, a label with a roster of international songwriters with a niche vision. Joey Vriend’s full length debut ‘Hiding at First Light’ is OUT NOW. Ten beautiful songs accompanied with compelling videos shot by the man himself. The new single ‘Smile’ will be released September 17. Enjoy!